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It’s been almost a year since I wrote about the future of airTweet. Shortly after the first release of the iOS 5.0 beta, I started coding airTweet 2. With iOS 5 came great new features and possibilities, so I continued development. After a successful beta test (which started on March 1st) with more than 30 testers, I was able to submit airTweet 2 to Apple two days ago. Although I don’t have a lot of statistics yet, I can say that the response is much better this time.

I’ve set up a microsite at and of course you can follow airTweetApp or visit the Facebook Page to stay up-to-date.

UPDATE: airTweet 2 has been approved last night and is available on the App Store.

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The Breakbeat Hardcore Revolution

Long time no speak, eh?

The CLSM crew recently released the second breakbeat hardcore podcast. I listen to their music for about 6 years now and this is their newest stuff. Wonder what breakbeat hardcore is? Take a listen.

Ned says: This will all make sense soon. You can buy the tracks in the CLSM Webstore and get the podcasts in iTunes.

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And the winner is …

At first, thanks everyone for participating in this “contest”! I’ve finally selected the person that will receive the invite, but before announcing it I want to explain my selection.

  1. I wanted to give the invite to someone who is not perfect yet. I didn’t want to select someone who will receive likes en masse and no feedback.
  2. The presentation of the work is important. I highly recommend everyone to set up a proper portfolio page or become a member of other communities like forrst. I really excluded a few people here because they didn’t even care about setting up something that looks bearable.
  3. There is a certain level of skill on dribbble. If your work was just not of a sufficient quality, I excluded it too.

Now, one last thing before I announce the winner: I still have 6 invites for forrst. If you don’t have an account there yet, I would be glad to invite you so you can get feedback there and build a little portfolio. And of course improve your skills.

In the end, the person who impressed me most is Michael Shanks. His skill level is sufficient, his forrst posts act as a little portfolio and he interacts with the feedback he receives. Congratulations, you will receive your invite within the next few minutes!

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Poster: When we drink coffee …

To practise for my final exams, I made a typography poster. I’ve taken a quote from Honoré de Balzac as a base and it’s about coffee. Going to print this in A2 (16.5″ x 23.4″), but the cost is enormous for one single print. If anyone should want a print too just drop me a line, because that would significantly reduce the cost per print.

You can find this poster on forrst and on dribbble too.

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Dribbble invite to spare

I finally have a Dribbble invite that I’m willing to spare. If you are interested, post a comment here with a link to your portfolio (or at least something you’ve designed). I don’t care if it’s a website, a poster, an user interface, an illustration or something else, as long as you have designed it. I’ll keep the comments open for a few days and after that, I’m going to announce the “winner” here. Actually I’m going to select the person that impresses me with his/her design(s) the most.

On your marks, Get set, Go!

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When it comes to designing iOS user interfaces, I always look for some nice icons I can use. Recently, I stumbled upon by morphixstudio. They looked pretty nice and I decided to buy the ultimate collection (found a 15% discount on dribbble/forrst). Frankly, this collection is one of the best I’ve ever acquired.

The core facts about Picons:

  • Vectorized icons made with Adobe Illustrator.
  • They come in .ai, .pdf, .eps, .psd, .csh and 8 different sizes of the .png file format.
  • They are royalty-free.

The icons are super precise and easily scalable for every kind of use. If you need great icons, go and buy them. They’re worth every cent. And they’re not even expensive at all.

Oh, and I’m using them in my newest revisions of the airTweet UI. Amazing stuff.

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After years of not finding a nice Adium message style, pritthish released me from my eternal search with the release of his Taz message style. It’s the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen and includes:

  • Light and Dark variants
  • Native display picture and header toggling
  • New glowing animations on status bars
  • Smoother fading in messages
  • Sleek and stylish background image for when there are no messages in the window

I really hope he creates an appropriate contact list style too. Go ahead and download this awesome stuff! Oh and of course a shout out to his inspiration, tazzieeee!

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The future of airTweet

You may have heard about my iPhone application airTweet (which is also available as a free version). Frankly, it wasn’t as successful as I thought it would be. I started development back in 2010 and it took almost a year to release it because I was designing and developing this in my spare time.

Meanwhile, I’ve become very unhappy with the current state of the app. Some parts of it are slow and the UI has become too complicated. Hence, I decided to do a re-design of the UI/UX and add more interesting features to gain more attention. With my final exams coming up to me soon, a release of the new version is not possible until summer.

So, what exactly is going to change? Well, I’m going to dramatically reduce the amount of complexity and redundancy. A less deep navigation stack, less buttons, more gestures. Everything which is not necessary will be removed.

Another big thing I need to think about is the difference between the free and the Pro version. And the existence of a free version at all. The new UI does not allow the placement of an iAd. Currently, only one in ten people is buying the Pro version. I’m not the kind of developer who is on the make concerning money, but 300 downloads of the free version and 50 sales of the Pro version within one month since the release are not what I have expected. Developing and designing this stuff consumes time and resources, and they’re not for free.

If you want to follow the progress of the new airTweet UI/UX, you can find shots on dribbble and snaps on forrst.

Feel free to leave your thoughts, ideas etc. here.

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Today, kaishin and kvlly kinda forced me to use DISQUS for the comments on my blog here, rather than the native WordPress comments. Installing it was easy (they have a very nice WordPress plugin), tweaking the design a bit tricky but in the end it was really worth the effort.

I can really recommend this system if you want to make commenting on your website painless for the user (which should be in your interest, eh?).

And now, DISQUS this post!

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Poster: Circular

I always wanted to create a poster. Today, I started with my first one. It’s going to be printed in 33.1″ x 46.8″ (pretty huge) at the beginning of the next month. Until then, I need to tweak a few things. If you want to leave some feedback, you can comment here, on forrst or on dribbble. And if you want to see the full poster, check it out here.

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Welcome, stranger!

Once again, I’m back. After running this blog with some template for a long time, it was about time to create a custom design for it. I kept it bright and light this time, with a lot of CSS3 transitions and effects.

So, what type of contents can you expect to appear here in the future? Posts about design, development, music, thoughts and stuff from the internet. Things I discover and experience. Things I like and hate. A wide range of everything.

While I prepare some more content, you can check out my “portfolio” at, which contains some more information about me.

Thanks for stopping by. Oh, and consider this as a release candidate version.

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