And the winner is …

At first, thanks everyone for participating in this “contest”! I’ve finally selected the person that will receive the invite, but before announcing it I want to explain my selection.

  1. I wanted to give the invite to someone who is not perfect yet. I didn’t want to select someone who will receive likes en masse and no feedback.
  2. The presentation of the work is important. I highly recommend everyone to set up a proper portfolio page or become a member of other communities like forrst. I really excluded a few people here because they didn’t even care about setting up something that looks bearable.
  3. There is a certain level of skill on dribbble. If your work was just not of a sufficient quality, I excluded it too.

Now, one last thing before I announce the winner: I still have 6 invites for forrst. If you don’t have an account there yet, I would be glad to invite you so you can get feedback there and build a little portfolio. And of course improve your skills.

In the end, the person who impressed me most is Michael Shanks. His skill level is sufficient, his forrst posts act as a little portfolio and he interacts with the feedback he receives. Congratulations, you will receive your invite within the next few minutes!

  • Michael Shanks

    Much Appreciated :) looking forward to getting that lovely email and hitting “Accept” :)

  • JR Acabado

    I would love to have one of these invites. I’m a backend/frontend developer, most recent jobs:,,