Welcome, stranger!

Once again, I’m back. After running this blog with some template for a long time, it was about time to create a custom design for it. I kept it bright and light this time, with a lot of CSS3 transitions and effects.

So, what type of contents can you expect to appear here in the future? Posts about design, development, music, thoughts and stuff from the internet. Things I discover and experience. Things I like and hate. A wide range of everything.

While I prepare some more content, you can check out my “portfolio” at atomton.net, which contains some more information about me.

Thanks for stopping by. Oh, and consider this as a release candidate version.

  • http://chend.me Collin Henderson

    Congrats on the launch Marcel! Look forward to seeing more posts from you in the future :)

  • Marcel Müller

    Thanks Collin, I’ll definitely try to post on a regular basis here!

  • http://kattitu.de Katharina

    Ich freu mich auch, dass du nun einen eigenen Blog hast und werde selbigen gleich in meinen Feedreader stecken. Weiter so, ich freue mich auf weitere Blogposts! :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  • http://www.atomton.net Marcel Müller

    Vielen Dank für das Kompliment :)