Poster: When we drink coffee …

To practise for my final exams, I made a typography poster. I’ve taken a quote from Honoré de Balzac as a base and it’s about coffee. Going to print this in A2 (16.5″ x 23.4″), but the cost is enormous for one single print. If anyone should want a print too just drop me a line, because that would significantly reduce the cost per print.

You can find this poster on forrst and on dribbble too.

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When it comes to designing iOS user interfaces, I always look for some nice icons I can use. Recently, I stumbled upon Picons.me by morphixstudio. They looked pretty nice and I decided to buy the ultimate collection (found a 15% discount on dribbble/forrst). Frankly, this collection is one of the best I’ve ever acquired.

The core facts about Picons:

  • Vectorized icons made with Adobe Illustrator.
  • They come in .ai, .pdf, .eps, .psd, .csh and 8 different sizes of the .png file format.
  • They are royalty-free.

The icons are super precise and easily scalable for every kind of use. If you need great icons, go and buy them. They’re worth every cent. And they’re not even expensive at all.

Oh, and I’m using them in my newest revisions of the airTweet UI. Amazing stuff.

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Poster: Circular

I always wanted to create a poster. Today, I started with my first one. It’s going to be printed in 33.1″ x 46.8″ (pretty huge) at the beginning of the next month. Until then, I need to tweak a few things. If you want to leave some feedback, you can comment here, on forrst or on dribbble. And if you want to see the full poster, check it out here.

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